Friday, July 3, 2009

A new blog

I love to fish.

Really I do.

But I can't go every day.

I can't go every week

I sometimes can't make it once a month.

Sometimes the next best thing is reading about fishing. The problems with reading about fishing is that all the articles start to sound like a Penthouse Forum article after awhile. I mean they sound like what I've heard a Penthouse Forum article sounds like, Mom.

Most fishing writers talk about how humble they seem and how grateful they are just to be outdoors and then their articles morph into "look how cool I am being so humble in the out of doors and how I can catch monster fish on my bamboo rod." It's a turn off. It's the fishing equivalent of a Jenna Haze video. Well, maybe not. But, it's unrealistic and thus a turn off nonetheless.

So this blog is born. Maybe it will falter and fail. But I hope to provide a more, uh, realistic version of a fishing obsessed person. That sometimes, often more than not, you can get skunked. And sometimes you fall into fast moving streams. Or lakes. Or puddles in the parking lot.

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